What some of the
different names
RF Sealers are know as?

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Is your RF Sealer Safe?

Did you know that Your RF Heat Sealer
generates an Electric and Magnetic Field that
can be hazardous to humans!

Did you know that OSHA recommends annual
testing of these Radio Frequency Emissions?

Let us do your next On-Site Evaluation!
We can test your RF Sealers at your facility.

We provide a detailed report with
recommendation for compliance.
Call for a quote today!

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Narda Alert Personal Monitor
Adjustable alarm levels, audio and
vibration alerts.  Use to train and
monitor operators.  $1,425.00 each
RF Signs
Safety Signage and Monitoring Equipment
Signage Sticker Set: Includes indoor
laminates, stickers and aluminum
outdoor signage for compliance
English $74.99/set  
Spanish $99.99/set
Narda Survey Meter
Measures both E & H fields with
hard shell case
$3,320.00 each
Radio Frequency
Radiation RF E and H
Field Probe and Meter
Personal RF Monitor
RF Sealing
RF Heat Sealer
RF Weld
RF Seal Machine
RF Heat Seal Machine
RF Sealer
RF Welder
RF Heater
RF Bag Sealer
Clam Sealer
Clamshell Sealing
RF Heat Sealing
Radio Frequency
Bar Sealer
RF Seal Machinery
Dielectric Welding
High Frequency Sealer
RF Sealers
Bar Welder
HF Sealer
RF Sealing
Heat Sealer
RF Weld
Blister Sealer
RF Welder
ClamShell Sealer
RF Sealer
Clam Shell Sealer
Arc Suppressor
RF Welding
RF Heat Seal
Radio Frequency
RF Heat Seal
RF Packaging
Medical Bag Sealer
Dielectric Sealing
ClamShell Sealing
Plastic Sealer
Dielectric Sealer
Bag Heat Sealer
Plastic Bag Heat
RF Generator
HF Generator
Plastic Welding
Radio Frequency
Bar Welders
Bar Sealer
Clam Shell Sealing
Callanan Sealer
Alloyd Sealer
Markperi Sealer
Thermatron Sealer
Dielectric Welder